Cover Letter


My name is Walker Jesse and I am applying for a position in video game journalism within any capacity. Video games have been a lifelong hobby and passion of mine since I was young. During my time at Flagler College in the philosophy program I pushed for the philosophy of video games class, as well as giving a presentation on the topic of fighting games and their relationship to Taoism. I have written articles covering a myriad of video game related work published on multiple websites, and I am continuing with a steady stream of freelance work in the video game journalism field. Through my writing I have cultivated a unique voice that is both entertaining and informative while remaining concise. Furthermore, I have also independently created video content for my own YouTube channel, including writing, editing and performing.

      I have also worked within the radio field, which has given my invaluable experience and skills in both voice work and recording, as well as managerial abilities. I was an on air talent for the Flagler College radio station, WFCF, for over two years during which I hosted a twice weekly morning radio show. This role allowed me to hone my vocal talents and expose me to the world of on air and behind the scenes radio work. At WFCF I was trained in audio recording and editing, ranging from engineering work to digital editing with Saw Studio Basic. Moreover, WFCF also assigned me to record promos for bands and events coming to the St. Augustine Amphitheater. I was promoted to music director within my first few months at WFCF. The position of music director gave me the avenue demonstrate my management skills through maintaining a current music library as well as a chance to work in a creative environment with other radio employees, as well as a chance to hone my networking abilities through communicating with record label representatives and a number of different bands.

     In addition to my work at the radio station, I have performed stand-up comedy for four years and counting at various clubs and bars in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area. I have also hosted both trivia and stand-up comedy events in St. Augustine specifically. This work has given me plenty of experience in front of crowds and cameras. During my time in St. Augustine, I also played drums in a local band called Cute Fills. This gave me further live performing experience.

     I also have experience studying abroad, having taken multiple classes on the Vietnam War and then having went to Vietnam for two weeks in the summer of 2017, during which I completed multiple papers in regard to my study within the country. I have absolutely no issue being in a foreign country, let alone working diligently while in a different environment.

    Both my philosophy major and history minor were writing intensive, and have helped me to develop a well rounded skill set with both creative and non-fiction writing. Both fields of study require a focus on reading comprehension, demonstrating your points and explaining them clearly and concisely within the paper. Furthermore, I also completed multiple screenplays both for classes and personal usage which let me further exercise my creative writing abilities, as well as having written promos and PSAs for the radio station.

     With all of my skills and experience, I think I would be an excellent addition on any team. I'm comfortable performing on camera as well as speaking in front of a crowd, and I love working with creative groups of like minded, passionate people who share my enthusiasm for games.

Thank you for your consideration,
Walker K Jesse